Sarah McDougald Kohn

Using an experimental and playful approach to process and material, Sarah McDougald Kohn makes sculptures and drawings that explore the spaces between artifact and art, object and image, and intent and accident. Often pulling from an index of objects laden with warring personal and historical meanings to call upon our collective associations and heritage (chains, braids, knots, ladders, and nets), she seeks to rethink and redeploy their possibilities as informed by her experience as a bi-racial woman considering the collision of skin color and privilege in America. By imposing procedural limitations as a method of process, she examines the opportunities that come from navigating a boundary’s edge, revealing the fruitful and sometimes discordant terrain that resistance can lead to.

Sarah McDougald Kohn lives and works in Brooklyn and Columbiaville, New York. Her work has been included in group shows at 303 Gallery, Davidson Contemporary, Rooster Gallery, The Wassaic Project, and Underdonk. McDougald received her MFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art.

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