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Studio Archive Project is an artist-run online site to view and purchase a curated selection of work direct from artists’ archives. Through virtual and on-site exhibitions as well as an online catalog, we give access to works once hidden away in artists studios.

MAY 25th - JUNE 25th, 2023

Beautiful Night

Curated by Jude Broughan

Photography is about light (originally sunlight), and sometimes nighttime photography feels unexpected. Neon lights, camera flash, street lights, spot lights, tungsten lamps, high contrast, misty silhouettes. Nighttime is a restful time, when we unwind, hug each other, and look after ourselves, loved ones. Maybe go out and meet up, have some fun. Night is when we sleep and when we grow, our bodies relax and a time for healing. That inky blue twilight, then the star-filled dark night sky, souls gone before, and an as yet unmanifested void of exciting potential. 

MARCH 28 – JUNE 25, 2023

Kimia Ferdowsi Kline
at Mara Hoffman

183 Lafayette Street

Mara Hoffman continues its partnership with Studio Archive Project on a new exhibition for its Soho store.

Informed by psychology and trauma theory, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline's artworks house personal narratives that also relate to larger, universal themes of family, intimacy, heartbreak and connection. The employment of papyrus-as-canvas in these works is a stand-in for fragile, yet resilient skin. Papyrus, native to the MENA region, roots the work in the geography of her homeland. It’s also the first form of paper created by humans ~3000 BC, infusing the work with ancient and archetypal references. The mixed media approach she uses incorporates traditional and non-traditional materials such as thread, pearls, rubies, glass beads, glitter and ink. Strands of gemstones are sewn into the papyrus, embellishing the surfaces, and also infusing them with deeper meaning. The work combines art forms of the East and West–a synthesis of her personal identity and aesthetic education.

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