Ben K. Voss

Ben K. Voss approaches painting as a place to explore the unknown. Each painting- its palette, composition and form starts without a plan and is followed towards its ultimate materialization. This end point for Voss is a beginning to where the paintings take on a presence that leaves more questions than answers.

Ben K. Voss Ben K. Voss lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has had solo exhibitions at Left Field in Los Osos, California; Gazebo in Brooklyn, NY and 57W57 Arts in NYC. Group exhibitions include Sperling, Germany; Tourist, Vermont; Peninsula Art Space, New York; George, New York; Fjord, Philadelphia; Wild Palms, Germany; and Monte Bianco Montagna Sacra, Italy. His paintings have been published in New American Paintings, Edition 140 and ArtMaze, Issue 13. A collaborative publication Imprints with artist Midge Wattles and publisher Chateau International was released in September 2020. 

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