Katherine Duclos

“What started as play with my five-year-old son has become an investigation into the compositional possibilities and limitations of this classic toy. Beginning with a single brick, these constructions expand one piece at a time, each addition a response to the previous. By using Lego to make color compositions instead of building objects, I am attempting to find a place where my son and I can work in parallel, where our interests can overlap and exist in tandem.“

Katherine Duclos was born in Massachusetts. She received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from Pratt Institute in 2012. In late 2017 she moved with her family to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she maintains a studio practice exploring painting, sculpture, photography, and installation. She has exhibited her work across Canada and the United States. She has worked as a teaching artist for organizations such as Studio in a School in New York City and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

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