Eric Hibit Presents

Studio Archive Project is pleased to announce Eric Hibit Presents, a group exhibition curated by artist Eric Hibit.

Over the past decade, Eric Hibit has been actively trading artworks with his peers. Exchanges in this alternative economy have resulted in a collection of about fifty small and mid-sized works from friends and colleagues. Most of them are on display, salon-style, in the Ridgewood, Queens apartment where Hibit lives and has a studio.

For this exhibition, Hibit has selected works in a wide range of styles and media by artists who appear in his collection. Hibit’s curatorial approach involves playing artworks off one another to make unexpected comparisons and visual juxtapositions. In his collection, which he describes as "matchless," colors are never coordinated and obvious connections are eschewed. The absence of the human figure in most works (Anne Toebbe and Christian Rogers are the exceptions), reveals Hibit’s taste for abstraction, landscape and still-life. Pink, a color found in abundance in Hibit’s collection, is well-represented.

As for living with his collection, Hibit says:

"These works are my most cherished possessions. When I look at my collection I think about how crazy and fearless artists are. How they are willing to try new ways of making art, and how important that is for culture. Artists are unstoppable. It’s daily inspiration to live with art. My friend Leeza Meksin, who also has a wonderful collection, described living with art as ‘therapeutic.’ I always held onto that thought, and I couldn’t agree more."

Eric Hibit is a visual artist and curator based in New York City. He is Co-Director of Ortega y Gasset Projects, an artist-run gallery based in Brooklyn and attended the Corcoran College of Art + Design and Yale University School of Art.

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