Untitled (CAT), 2021

David McDonough

Untitled (CAT), 2021
Glass and glaze on ceramic
7 x 5 in

David McDonough makes abstract paintings on canvas and other surfaces using a variety of media including oil, acrylic, glass, and ceramic tile. The abstractions are often suggestive of natural forms, though they elude any singular reading. His aim is to balance control and spontaneity in processes that cultivate play, improvisation, invention, and transformation. Using vibrant colors, and bringing in materials that are available in his immediate surroundings, he makes work that derives from specific personal experiences and draws the beauty and joy out of these complicated lived moments.

David McDonough is a painter and educator living in Queens, NY with his spouse and two young children. He has appeared in solo and group shows in and around the NYC area including a recent solo show at One River School (2019). He graduated in May 2022 from SUNY Purchase with an MFA in Visual Arts, where he was given the Outstanding MFA Award. While there he also taught drawing and organized the Visiting Artist Lecture Series.

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