Window, 4 DEC 2022

Reiner Leist

Window, 4 DEC 2022
Pigmented Inkjet Print, unique.
42.5 x 34 in

Reiner Leist's works are serial long-term photographic projects. Window involves a ritual of photographing the view from his New York City apartment with two antique large format cameras making exposures on contemporary 8x10 inch film that began 28 years ago in March 1995 and is ongoing.

Reiner Leist lived in South Africa during the years of transition from apartheid to democracy. Growing up with four great-grandparents resulted in time being a consistent and critical layer of his work. His projects have been exhibited in national museums in Germany, South Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam and his books includeSouth Africa: Blue PortraitsAmerican PortraitsWindow: Eleven Septembers and South Africa: Another Country.

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