painting, 2015

Peter Acheson

painting, 2015
Acrylic on canvas with beads
6 x 9 in

Peter Acheson often uses rough surfaces and found elements in his work, such as wood scraps, burlap, seashells and animal bones. His painting method blends abstraction with cryptic pictorial elements. Among the questions the works raise: what does a contemporary view of so-called Nature look like? Seeing concepts like outside and inside as inextricably related to scale and point of view — the boundarylessness of matter — Acheson’s work encourages us to see the world through the lens of infinite regress, or as the ancient Hindu expression puts it:  “Turtles all the way down,”

Acheson lives and works in Ghent, New York. His work has been exhibited at Steven Harvey Fine Arts; Brennan & Griffin, New York; Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, New York; Novella Gallery, New York; John Davis Gallery, Hudson; the Academy of Arts and Letters, New York; Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York; and Baumgartner Gallery, New York. In the winter and spring of 2017, he was the subject of two solo exhibitions at Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, New York, and at Brennan & Griffin, New York. Acheson received his BFA from Yale in 1976.

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