Matters, 2020

Dominic Terlizzi

Matters, 2020
Acrylic on linen
20 x 16 in

My art is the synthetic colliding against history,
domestication, refinement, and germination,
nothingness, absence, place-holding, base,
origins of recipe, repetition, and memory,
hierarchy of beliefs in moments present,
class schema and academic structure,
authorship, authenticity, labor, origin,
transforming minutia into grandeur,
a found common object alphabet,
obfuscating a precise ending,
cosmic mosaic architecture,
retinal ground psychedelia.
acting without allegiance,
increments of exchange,
spectrums and textures,
stealing awesomeness,
bread in primary color,
hybrid image weaving,
accumulation of craft,
algorithmic systems,
non-digital residues,
surface satisfaction,
usurping a view,
knowing a part,
and living,
a life.

Dominic Terlizzi currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Recent solo exhibitions include: Head Fake, Invernadero Gallery, Fresno, CA; and A Spirit Knows A Shadow Shows, Craig Krull Gallery Santa Monica, CA. Select recent group shows include: La Banda, Tapetto Volante, Brooklyn NY; Weeds in the Woods, Headstone Gallery, Kingston NY; Brooklyn Bridge, McBride Contemporain, Montreal, Quebec, Canada;  If you surrender to the wind, you can ride It, Peripheral Space, Los Angeles, CA; Hang Ten, Good Naked, Rockaway, NY; Such fleas, ere they approach the eye, The Royal Society of American Art, Brooklyn NY; Preserving a Find, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia, PA; and A Minimal Relief, NEVVEN Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden. He has completed three monumental public sculptures for the city of Baltimore. He received the Maryland Artist Equity Grant, Hoffberger School of Painting Award, Triangle Workshop Fellowship, PNC Transformative Art Project Grant, Belle Foundation Grant, and received two Rema Hort Mann Foundation nominations. In addition to his studio practice, St. Charles  was launched and directed as a curatorial platform from 2015 onward. He received a BFA from The Cooper Union NYC in 2003 and an MFA from the Hoffberger School of Painting in 2008.

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