Jung Frankenstein, 2022

Mike Olin

Jung Frankenstein, 2022
Oil and mixed media on linen
15 x 11 x 7/8 in

From a young age I drew, then took many art classes late in high school and studied art in college and grad school. Though I am interested in many things in our universe as far as making something I was most attracted to painting. I have been compelled to make and look at paintings ever since.

"Mike Olin was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and he currently lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Olin’s paintings challenge our notion of a single reading. The work is an embrace of abstraction and landscape with narrative possibilities. They invite the viewer to approach and absorb the works in a variety of ways. The layering of symbols and materials, which range from painterly spidery forms, to glass shards and coins force us to read multiple signs at once creating new archetypes of signification and interpretation. Olin has shown his paintings throughout New York City for two decades." - Johnny Mullen, 2021



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