Green Knight, 2022

Shura Skaya

Green Knight, 2022
Oil on linen
20 x 20 x 1.25 in

You wake up, and the dream you had seems still so real — on top of your tongue. The logic of a dream is so satisfying in the thick of it, with any otherworldly images vividly detailed, and yet once you try to recount or describe it, it dissipates before your mind’s eye — the images fade, the spaces, the sequence of events, the characters suddenly lose all coherence. In my paintings I am looking for that spot before the retelling of the dream kills it, and the only words that remain and feel right are the ones that come as the names for the paintings.

Shura Skaya is a multi media artist. She has studied classical music, then painting, and now combines the two, while also making films. Skaya has exhibited internationally. Her solo shows include, among others, the “Signals” in the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn (2012) and G.R.O.U.N.D (2016, 2018), Open Gallery (2015), Roza Azora Gallery (2011, 2016), in Moscow. She has just completed a large scale-public art project “ Four Elements” for a new Hebrew Public School in Staten Island, New York. Skaya has been living and working in New York since 2000. For more information please visit

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