Ember of Burning Light Through Forest Mist, 2021

Chris Lloyd

Ember of Burning Light Through Forest Mist, 2021
Watercolor on archival watercolor paper with laser cutting,
17 x 11 in

Chris Lloyd is a self taught artist who plays with themes of nostalgia, symbolism and personal narrative by manipulating and layering found material. In recent works, Lloyd has been experimenting with the incorporation of laser cut imagery into his drawings and watercolors.

Ember of Burning Light Through Forest Mist utilizes this process to create a layered three-dimensional work that expresses the creative process and spiritual renewal. "Much like a controlled fire, sometimes we need to use a powerful catalyst to spark a new desired outcome in our lives.” Lloyd explains "but a controlled fire can help you start plotting a new piece of land in your desired image.” Such symbolism permeates the artist’s works on paper, evoking ancient mysticism like those of the tarot. The sword, the rose, flames, and columns are recognizable motifs that transform in Lloyd’s work to represent the most intimate moments of struggle, redemption and celebration.

Chris Lloyd (b. 1994) in Albuquerque, NM is a multimedia artist and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. He recently was included in a group show entitled Everyday Secrets curated by Mosie Romney at Luce Gallery in Toreno, Italy

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