Dreaming of the Chamomiles, 2023

Karen Azoulay

Dreaming of the Chamomiles, 2023
Archival inkjet print, Edition 2 of 5.
8 x 10 in
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Karen Azoulay incorporates performance, photography, sculpture and video into her art. She has a fascination with floral symbolism and secret messages are often embedded in her work. Inspired by “feminine” motifs, Azoulay explores cultural phenomena that have historically been overlooked with the purpose of recontextualizing and championing them.

Karen Azoulay is a Canadian born, Brooklyn-based artist and author whose projects have been featured and reviewed in publications such as the New York Times, New Yorker, Hyperallergic, and Vogue. Exhibitions include Semi-Precious, a solo show at Essex Flowers in New York, Root of the Head at Simone DeSousa Gallery in Detroit, Shellwork, a two person show with Amy Brener at Erin Stump Projects in Toronto, and a murky creature casts pennies into the quagmire', a performance staged within Ander Mikason's installation at Art in General in New York. Her publication Flowers and their Meanings: The Secret Language and History of Over 600 Blooms was released with Clarkson Potter / Penguin Random House.

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