Blue Funk, 2023

Kate Steciw

Blue Funk, 2023
Inkjet on canvas, collage on board
30 x 24 x 1.5 in

Kate Steciw works with images to create collages and sculptures both physical and digital. Images are sourced from the internet, her personal archive or licensed as stock to be configured into abstract works that challenge the viewer's perception of media and context.

Kate Steciw has exhibited extensively in New York, in solo and group shows at galleries including Higher Pictures, Hauser & Wirth, The Hole, Horton Gallery, and Foxy Production. Steciw's first solo exhibition, Love My Way, was held at the Primary Photographic Gallery in New York City in 2011, while her first solo exhibition outside of the United States, called Live, Laugh, Love, took place in London and was held at The Composing Rooms in 2012. She has presented her works in Naples, Italy (Annarumma Galllery), Milan, Italy (Brand New Gallery), Brussels, Belgium (Lévy/Delval), Paris, France (Christophe Gaillard), Los Angeles, CA (Anat Egbi/M&B), and Berlin, Germany (Neumeister/Bar-Am), among others. Steciw's ouvre has been featured in publications such as Interview Magazine, Art Forum, The New Yorker and Art in America. Her first book, The Strangeness of This Idea was published by Hassla in June 2010.

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