Amorphous II, 2022

Manuela Arnal

Amorphous II, 2022
Sculpture, polypropylene  twine
14 x 11.5 x 11.5 in

Through her practice, Manuela Arnal conceptualizes questions about how memory and identity are configured. She is interested in the mechanism of memory and its construction. Can we trust our memory to recognize ourselves and shape our identity? The principal element in her practice are undefined forms that open up the possibility of doubt, evoking the process of recovering memories that were long forgotten. She is interested in depicting the boundary between the recognizable and the unknown – both parts of an identity ever present.

Manuela Arnal works with photography, watercolor, textiles, video, among others. She has participated in collective exhibitions in La Paz, and in New York. In 2022 she had her first solo exhibition in Kiosko Gallery in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She was selected to participate in the 10th version, International Biennial of Art in La Paz, Bolivia, Siart. Arnal was awarded a studio artist-in-residence at the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2021. She is from Bolivia but lives and works in Westchester, NY.

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