The Force, Unknown One Series #5, 2019

Jasmine Murrell

The Force, Unknown One Series #5, 2019
Archival c-print, Edition 3 of 10 
13.3 x 20 in
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An artist exploring the relationship between human society and the natural world.  I am an interdisciplinary artist making work about miracles, miracles that happen in the worst of times and in the most invisible places.  I use a wide range of media, including installation, sculpture, wearable art, and film to invoke a transformative experience around historical erasures. The work is from discarded materials combined with living organic substances that are constructed into spaces and wearable sculptures that are at once provocative, foreign, and deeply familiar. These artworks are inspired by historical and scientific evidence that merges reality and mythology.

Jasmine Murrell is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary visual artist born in Detroit, Michigan. She employs several different mediums to create sculptures, installations, photography, performance, land art, and films that blur the line between history and mythology. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art; the Wexner Center for the Arts, the Bronx Museum; the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; the Whitney Museum, the African-American Museum of Art, and the International Museum of Photography.

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