I came up with the idea for this show while living in Eugene where my wife, Sun You, had a visiting professor stint at University of Oregon. Our time there was one of quiet reflection and recovery after 2+ years in Covid-era NYC.

I’d been forming a mental map of New York expatriates—artists who spent formative time in the city but have moved on, up or out and are working, teaching, living elsewhere. X's (think expats, exes, x's on a widening map, virtual kisses) is a show organized around friendship and shared history.

Even though aesthetic affinity wasn’t planned for, I was intrigued to see certain themes emerging. These include an interest in printmaking, the physicality of photography and a witty and melancholic relationship with the banal. The show speaks to our post(?) Covid moment of artistic diasporas along with the perennial flow of artists into and out of the city.

-Ethan Greenbaum

Artist List