Kimia Ferdowsi Kline at Mara Hoffman

183 Lafayette Street

March 28 – June 25, 2023

Mara Hoffman continues its partnership with Studio Archive Project on a new exhibition for its Soho store.

Informed by psychology and trauma theory, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline's artworks house personal narratives that also relate to larger, universal themes of family, intimacy, heartbreak and connection. The employment of papyrus-as-canvas in these works is a stand-in for fragile, yet resilient skin. Papyrus, native to the MENA region, roots the work in the geography of her homeland. It’s also the first form of paper created by humans ~3000 BC, infusing the work with ancient and archetypal references. The mixed media approach she uses incorporates traditional and non-traditional materials such as thread, pearls, rubies, glass beads, glitter and ink. Strands of gemstones are sewn into the papyrus, embellishing the surfaces, and also infusing them with deeper meaning. The work combines art forms of the East and West–a synthesis of her personal identity and aesthetic education.

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