Untitled, 2021

Louisa Waber

Untitled, 2021
Watercolor and gouache with collage
12 x 9 in

Louisa Waber makes oil paintings and works on paper. She works on numerous small-scale drawings at once, accumulating piles of them in her studio, and often revisiting them over long periods of time. Using watercolor, drawn lines, and collage on torn pieces of paper, she creates intimate expressions of her relationship to color and form. She says: “Each mark or shape is a response to what came before. I don't usually remember or know how I made a piece. I do know that every stroke or mark can exist only in the moment it was done. Five minutes later it would be a different mark or stroke and a different outcome. At some point I am no longer calling all the shots, the work has something to say, there's a dialogue, and I respond to what it is saying.”

Louisa Waber has had solo and two-person shows at the Painting Center in New York, Goatshed Gallery in Brooklyn, and The Seligmann Center in Sugar Loaf. New York. She has been in numerous group shows in New York and elsewhere. Waber was a member of the Organization of Independent Artists, and in 1993 was a founding member of The Painting Center. She studied art at Cornell University and the New York Studio School. Her studio is on New York’s Lower East Side.

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