A Stiller Life

To celebrate the launch of its online platform, Studio Archive Project is collaborating with Brooklyn-based gallery Deanna Evans Projects for an exhibition of works from its site. The exhibition will be on view from June 5–July 10, 2021. The gallery is located at 1329 Willoughby Avenue, # 171 E, Brooklyn, NY, and is open Thursday to Saturday, from 12 until 6pm.

A Stiller Life refers to the still life genre and to the slower pace of life we’ve been living this past year. Many of the works on this page capture subtle moments, from the shadow of a dish rack to light reflecting off a window pane. The works call attention to everyday objects and interior scenes that, in busier times, we may have overlooked, and that now form the daily backdrops of our lives, both on the screen and off. An ikebana arrangement, a lava lamp, an iron, a clock on the wall —the simple images in these works remind us of the many ways we’ve passed the time and come to appreciate a stiller life.

Artist List